The Segmented Serpent of Powhite Park  LbNA # 52390

Placed DateMar 7 2010
CountyRichmond city
Locationrichmond, VA
Found By Onediful
Last Found Jan 23 2011
Hike Distance?

The Segmented Serpent of Powhite Park

Powhite Park is located across from Chippenham Hospital at 7200 Jahnke Road. If coming off of Chippehham Parkway onto Jahnke you will go past the main entrance to the hospital to the traffic light at Hioaks Road,get in left turn lane and make a u-turn, then you can enter the park by making a right hand turn a very short distance down the road. Go to the back of parking lot and around the traffic circle, then park car.
Walk to the back of the traffic circle and take the footpath down the hill. At the first trail fork, follow the path to the right. You will see white blaze marks on the trees. Pass by the fence corner. Cross the creek on the Wilson Memorial Bridge. Take the trail to the left immediately upon exiting the bridge. Walk appoximately 20 steps to the next trail crossing. Continue straight for another 15 steps and look to the left. You will see a large oak (or gum?) tree that has some holly trees next to it. You will also see a large cavity at the base. Inside the cavity is where you will find the letterbox of course. I would recommend that you poke around in there with a stick to make sure no critters are home.
As always please close the container tightly and re-hide.

There is nice walk to a large beaver pond at the back of the park. There are mountain bikers on these trails. Enjoy!