Slug Bugs  LbNA # 52396

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateMar 7 2010
CountySan Bernardino
LocationChino Hills, CA
Found By CherryOnTop
Last Found May 29 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 28 2015

UPDATE JULY 2012 - I believe most of these are missing.

This is a series of drive by boxes in Chino Hills State Park placed along the Road (Bane Canyon) in from the north east entrance off Sapphire Road. If you prefer a good hike you can walk the 3.5 miles in and back out again enjoying the nature. The Mile Markers (MM) count down going in.

Box 1. Slug - Begin up the hill from the gate, and go about a quarter mile to the first turnout on the right by MM 3. The box can be found ahead on the left, behind the first of many short poles strung together under a rock.

Box 2. Inchworm - Continue uphill about another quarter mile to a turnout on the right under some power lines next to some large rocks. The box can be found behind the last post (north) of the barbwire fence, under a rock.

Box 3. Ants - Continue as the road levels and then goes downhill past MM 2.5, past MM 2, and under power lines again, proceed to the turnout on the left. The box is at the base of the nearby tiny dead tree, on the backside under rocks.

Box 4. Preying Mantis - continue on down about an eighth of a mile to a turnout on the right across from a yellow water valve. The box can be found at the front base of a large tree burnt low on the trunk, under leaves, rocks and bark.

Box 5. Fly - Continue along the canyon past MM 1.5 and MM 1 to the turnout on left just past the scenic lookout turnoff. The box can be found at the right base of the tree next to a sapling, under rocks and leaves and many, many ants everywhere (should have swapped with box #3).

Box 6. Lady Bug - Continue as the trail is now paved past the pair of picnic tables (location of the event), past the single table, to the three table picnic area. You can pull in here at the start of the Lower Aliso Canyon trail. The box is across the street, in the hole on the backside of a large overturned stump, covered with bark. Be watchful of observers from the picnic area and re-hide well.

Box 7. Grasshopper - Continue to the top of the hill past MM 0.5, and park at the lookout with one picnic table on left. Walk along the fence from the kiosk to the end by the Horse Sign. The box can be found under the concrete chunk about 10 feet into the grass area behind the last fence post.

Box 8. Beetle - Continue on down the road (downhill - again) past an old windmill and utility vault on the left to the next utility vaults on left across road from the first tree on the right. pull off on the left side near the vaults (not much of a turnout). The box can be found at the front right base of the small tree on left side of road, under rocks and leaves.

Box 9. Beetle II - I could not name the series "Slug Bugs" without at least one stamp true to its name. Continue toward the Ranger station past old cattle chute, and red barn to the end of the parking area close to the historic old windmill, and park. This final box can be found down the Upper Aliso Canyon trail a very short ways behind the fourth large pepper tree directly across from the windmill, under leaves and rock.