Another Star  LbNA # 524

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateApr 20 2003
LocationStar, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Alive & well as of 3/28/2007.

Directions: Off of Highway 44 at the Star MERC head south on Main St to the southern most point where you can park on the dirt near some large boulders. You will be able to see a rope swing (it’s not always there, but there’s really only one area where you can park) and a bridge from the parking spots.

Description: Easy walking, but can be muddy. There is a huge mound of never ending rocks/small boulders that you now have to navigate around. Please be very careful!!

Clues: Start at the three large water turnkeys by the river. From the southern most key walk 60 paces (pace=2 steps) at 240 degrees basically following the dirt road west along the river. Before the pile of rocks you will see on your left a path headed down towards the river between 2 wild trees. Take the path down until you meet the “B/Dill” tree on your right. On its southwest side behind a removable porous rock awaits ANOTHER STAR. Continue on to find THE STAR TAKE 2 LETTERBOX.

I had to re-hide this letterbox as its previous location is under constant construction and I was afraid it would be moved with the rocks.