High Voltage  LbNA # 52443

Placed Date
LocationSimsbury, CT
Planted Byrica123    
Found By Dulcimer Dame
Last Found Oct 10 2010
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High Voltage
The Ethel Walker School was founded in 1911 by its namesake. It is an all girls’ day and boarding preparatory school that admits 6th graders through 12th graders and is nestled in the stunning Farmington Valley in Simsbury, Connecticut. The Ethel Walker School sits on hundreds of acres of meadows, hills, pastures, wetlands and bogs. The residents of the Town of Simsbury voted to preserve over 300 acres of this land in 2006 and purchased it from the school. This purchase allows its residents, Ethel Walker students and visitors the ability to enjoy the natural setting by hiking, cross country skiing, horseback riding and bird watching. Please enjoy your letter boxing experience in these beautiful woods. There are 8 other letterboxes hidden in the Ethel Walker Woods, to find all of them print off rica123. Have fun!

The Ethel Walker School is located at 230 Bushy Hill Rd., Simsbury, CT. Please park in the parking area next to the Phelp’s House, next to the barns.

• start at the Ethel Walker barn
• go to the paved road that leads up a big hill in between two large fenced in fields
• once at the top of the hill look for the “T”
• take the left side until you see a small building near a fence; it is an observatory
• with your back to the observatory, walk straight down the path
• you will make a right at the first true intersection, take a right on the path, you will know you are correct when you see a white fallen tree
• follow the path
• it is a real long walk, but as long as you are on the path you’ll be ok
• once the path gets gravelly, you are almost there
• walk through the small stream on the rocks until you get to a concrete building; during the heat of the summer, it may be dry
• walk about 12 paces back in the direction that you came until you see 2 pipes on your left and walk straight up the hill
• When you are at the V shaped land between the gullies, walk straight onto it
• you will see a huge fallen log; walk to the other side and look under it; there is your box
When you are done please leave a note and then put the letterbox back the way you found it. Thanks!