House @ 3 Corners  LbNA # 52450

Ownerhouse @3 corners    
Placed DateMar 13 2010
Locationwest jefferson, NC
Found By Sudoku Crazy
Last Found Jul 14 2012
Hike Distance?

This box celebrates our family... and it is our very first!

At the end of 163, from WJ, we can pick up a Sweet 16 (Hwy, that is), that leads us to America’s Favorite Drive. Happy 75th Birthday, BRP! Follow your nose to Rodie’s. Just past The Red Roof, on your left, you’ll want to go right…Divide to conquer ! This loops to take you up or down. The dead Bares watched us hide it! Look for a box within a box, hidden in plain sight. Rusty Red and well preserved.
You will need your own stamp pad. Send us a post card! First Finder Certificate awaits.