Alsea Bay Bridge Box's  LbNA # 52453

Placed DateMar 13 2010
LocationWaldport, OR
Found By Thunderbird
Last Found May 30 2013
Hike Distance?

Please be very discreat! Do not let any Muggles see you and be sure to replace all boxes hidden from view.

Box #1, carved and placed by Namoi

Find Alsea Bay North Wayside and go past the Koa and park at the end. Find the two pilers and go to the one on the NW side. Start at the side walk and count 19 blocks twards the bridge and look right for the rock wall. Behind the second block under a peice of fire wood is your lucky star.

Box #2, carved and placed by Cheyenne

Keep going in the direction of the Bridge and go up 17 and look in the west corner under the leaves and wood is the sea shell you seek.

Box #3, carved and placed by Braxton

Now cross the bridge and enjoy all the wild life along the way. When you come to the end go right down 8 to the landing. Now turn left and look at the the collection of large rocks. In the corner of the two concrete walls behind a large rock is a pile of small rocks is you pail and shovel.

Box #4, carved and placed by Funky Munky

Next go left and up 7 and follow the side walk south past the Oregon Geology sign to the stairs. Go down to the beach and head north past to Pine's. Befor the third pine is a gator lerking below. Look in the mouth under sticks for treasure. Now you and sit and enjoy the sunset!