Wagons, ho!  LbNA # 52471

Placed DateMar 14 2010
LocationIndependence, TX
Found By The Prickly Pair
Last Found Jul 3 2016
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Wagons, ho!

Traveling by horse, wagon, or foot, early settlers arrived in the area now known as Independence, Texas with the promise of land and wealth.

Clues: From Brenham, Texas, travel 8 miles on HWY 36N. Turn right on FM 390E and follow the curving countryside 8 miles. Turn left on 390W Spur. Meander the twists and turns to the stop sign at Coles-McCrocklin Rd. Travel 1 mile. Turn left on Coles Rd. The Old Independence Cemetery is marked with a silver arch to the right. Enter the third gravel driveway and discover the marker for Moses Austin Bryan, who served as secretary for his uncle, Stephen F. Austin. Facing Bryan’s marker, turn right and eye the enormous leaning oak shedding its bark. Walk 20 steps to the base facing the wooden cross of Thomas Hoxey. The last pioneer’s wagon is buried at the base of the oak under rocks, leaves, and twigs. Please rehide well for the next adventurer.