Wild Flowers  LbNA # 52472

Placed DateMar 14 2010
LocationIndependence, TX
Found By Open Space
Last Found Nov 24 2012
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Wild Flowers

Texas unfolds a blanket of wildflowers each spring that dazzles the eye.

Clues: From Brenham, Texas, travel 8 miles on HWY 36 N. Turn right on FM 390E and venture past the fields of bluebonnets for 8 miles. Turn left on 390W Spur and amble to Old Baylor Park. Park in the lot facing the four columns where Baylor University, the oldest institution of higher learning in Texas, opened its doors in 1846. Behold the wildflower beauty as you stroll to the 2nd picnic table on the left. Gaze behind the table at the stumpy oak, for WildFlower is hiding in the cavity concealed by sticks, leaves, and moss.