To The Bat Caves  LbNA # 52474 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2010
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By Baqash
Last Found Jan 2 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 2 2016

This box is located in the Robles Pass Section of the Tucson Mountain trails. The multi-use (hiking, equestrian and biking) trails are located in the area between Ajo Way and Irvington Road just west of Mission Road.

Take Mission Road south to Irvington Place. Turn right onto Irvington Place (Associated Dental is on NW corner) and follow until the road ends. You will see a guard rail across the road, the end of the pavement, and red diamond markers. Turn your car around and park here along the south side of the road.

WARNING: Please stay out of the washes during both rainy and monsoon times. Washes are very unsafe when it is raining and flash flooding is a very real danger in the desert. A wash may be perfectly dry one second and raging with water the next.

Walk around the guard rail on the left to the trails. Walk a short distance (25 steps) and then follow Camaro Loop trail at 285* going to the right (roughly west.) The trail winds west, north, west and then turns north where you will pass between 2 Palo Verde trees (one on left has a barrel cactus and prickly pear under it) and the trail opens up to lighter shaded stone and a less-used unofficial cross trail that runs east-west. (You should see 2 short saguaros in front of you) Bear off right (east) on the unofficial trail. Continue to walk on the trail (roughly east) until you see a sign saying “Posted. Keep out.” along with some huge piles of dirt. Turn left (north) and walk a short ways down to the wash. Turn right (east) and walk along the wash (you will now be walking past the houses on Irvington Place which will now be to your right) until you encounter a trail going uphill (a dirt mound is at bottom on the left). Walk up the hill (is moderate to steep, rough rock and is roughly north in direction). When you reach the top of the hill, you will discover some old mining shafts (some finished, some just going into the mountain a short distance) that house a colony of bats.

Locate the two entrances that are close together. The left one is just a chamber with two good sized rocks in front of it and a partially blocked entrance, the right one has a complete shaft but is blocked by some bars. Stand between the two. Take 12 steps (tall people steps) until the palo verde tree is on your right. Locate a tall rabbit-eared saguaro at 190*. Make your way down to it. From the north side of the rabbit-eared saguaro, locate at 110* a “vee” of 2 saguaros that look like they are growing from the same spot about 15 steps away. The box is under some rocks behind and in between the “vee” saguaros.

Please be careful of things that bite and sting and stick you. This is Arizona after all; nothing here in the wild is cute, soft or cuddly. Not recommended at high noon in the middle of summer. Bring plenty of water regardless of the season. Please double bag and rehide the box well.