Beware the (third) Troll!  LbNA # 52489

OwnerJohann Panholtz      
Placed DateMar 22 2009
LocationTybee Island, GA
Found ByDelaware Hiker
Last UpdateDec 30 2014


Beware the (third) Troll!

Third Troll? Is this cache dangerous? Take a stroll down the (recently extended) rail trail to find out . . .

Drive out 80 and park left or right of the only flagpole on McQueen's Island. No need to pay or cross the long white bridge.

Head downstream (on an outgoing tide) on the nearby rail trail.

Beware the third troll as you search for your letterbox.

Please be kind and share; this letterbox is also a geocache.

Many happy trails to you and yours. Expect great views of Fort Pulaski and Cockspur Lighthouse (bring your camera!). If you make it to the cache / letterbox, you will be a lucky goat (and not far from Goat Point).

If you are curious about my (now defunct) previous troll caches, check out GC54BD and GC1AJPK on Sarah, Bethany, their mother and I had a great (albeit windy) time placing this one.

in faith, Johann Panholtz