Buggy Adventure  LbNA # 52530

Placed DateFeb 22 2010
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Found By Backwoods
Last Found Sep 15 2011
Hike Distance?


First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach is laden with many pesky insects…from beautiful butterflies to biting horseflies. This Buggy Series of 5 letterboxes pays tribute to those pests - love ‘em or hate ‘em.

Drive into the park via the main entrance ($4.00 parking fee) and park near the Visitor’s Center. It is advisable to pick up a trail map here.

Walk halfway back along the road that you drove and enter Long Creek Trail*. Your Buggy adventure begins here.
*do not enter where it says “Fox Run” and “Long Creek” but go beyond that to the next trail which just says “Long Creek Trail.”

As you follow Long Creek Trail, look left for a long naked trunk. Follow the trunk to its twin. The twin points to Mr. Cyclops. You will find Madame Flutterby here.

Stamp in and continue along Long Creek Trail. At the fork, turn toward orange mark. Heading downhill, pass a 4-headed giraffe tree on right. Bear right at next orange mark.

Walk through “Spanish Moss Alley” towards twins hugging their stepsister named “DSV.” Take 30 modest paces to a trail pointing skyward. Follow the trail up, up, up to the leafless tree with a broken arm. Look towards 2:00 to where lightening struck! Humble Bumbles reside here.

Stamp in and then continue along the “citrus” trail as it gradually inclines. Pass the Gate of Doom (no trespassing!), cross over dirt “bridge.”

Pass through 2nd Spanish Moss Alley and follow the trail towards civilization.

As you pass under the woody archway, see an orange mark and walk through the mud zone.

When you arrive at the bridge, stand at the West corner and walk the tightrope to the half-dead pine. Put your back to the pine and face away from the water.

Walk forward towards the tree carcass. Auntie Em has been nibbling on big chunks of bark.

Stamp in and then continue over the bridge. Stop for a photo shoot by the beautiful water views.

At the marshy loop as the trail turns right, look up to see some cool mushrooms.

Follow the sandy path and make a right at the “totem pole.” 45 paces takes you to a bird’s eye view of Long Creek Beach.

Take a snack break here and observe the floating sea birds.

Head back from whence you came, to the trail where Chicken Little’s enemy would take a jog.

Just before the 4th yellow mark, take the trail to the right. Bear right at the fork to a moss-covered Holly on your left right along the trail. (If you are lucky, you may see a Pilated Woodpecker).

Squat down and go under the holly and walk forward to view forward-leaning twins. Between the twins you will see a solitary pinecone-laden tree with a wart. His neighbor, “mossy,” is where my Lady lays.

Return to the Holly and go back from whence you came several paces to a trail on the right heading sharply downhill. Go straight down that trail and take a right onto Fox Run.

Cross the creek and another makeshift bridge.

Go down 6 wooden steps and head North toward the red mark. You are now on Bald Cypress Trail. Pass “L” to next red mark. With your back to red, see the twins. Beyond the twins is a triplet. The Dragon King awaits you there.

Once you’ve stamped in at this last box of the series, follow the alphabet home. You will exit Bald Cypress Trail through a wooden gate. Take a right onto the Main Cape Henry Trail to head back to road and Visitors’ Center Parking Area.

Congratulations on completing your Buggy Adventure!