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Placed DateAug 24 2009
LocationBethel, ME
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White Heat/White Cap
Sunday River Ski Resort

This box may be accessed during all seasons, although in the winter you will need to be a skier/boarder for lift access. This area is not accessible by foot during the winter season.

*This box has been confirmed and updated as of 9/7/10

www.sundayriver.com - for more details

Bethel, ME

Follow Rt. 2 East for 2.6 miles. Take a left onto Sunday River Road, marked by the large Sunday River Brewery (big building with red roof). Follow Sunday River Road to a fork with a "Sunday River Ski Resort" sign. Fork left and follow signs for the Grand Summit Hotel, base lodges, and amenities (1 mile). Fork right and follow signs for the Jordan Grand Resort Hotel (5 miles).

White Heat is a wide swath straight down the mountain from the peak of White Cap.

Do not be deterred by the signs warning you that a fall on this trail could be fatal. Nor by the fact that as you enter White Heat you cannot see the pitch of the slope or the condition of the surface. This run at Maine's Sunday River is purported to be the steepest and longest in New England. Though it does not look it from the chairlift that rises over the face, White Heat clearly has more than the average pitch of the other mountains in the area. Trails such as Starr, Goat, and Elevator Shaft come to mind.


• At the top of lift 10, continue straight towards the hill (i.e. Rock Ledge) ahead.

• There will be a large Sunday River Trail Map on your right as you pass by.

• Stop when you are adjacent to the map (on your right).

• Count off 55 strides, up and over the hill.

• Look to your left (W/SW)and walk towards the woods

• Keep walking until you see four small birchs – box is at the base.

Good Luck & have fun! The stamp is a hand-carved version of the Sunday River Ski Map!