Hungry Bear  LbNA # 52593

Placed DateMar 21 2010
LocationPalm Springs, CA
Planted ByLunaRain    
Found By daddy x 3
Last Found May 30 2010
Hike Distance?

This is our first letterbox we have placed we hope you enjoy!

One of the best places to hike without strenuous climbing or if you want to connect with the pacific trail and get your feet wet walking through the white water, this canyon is long and relatively flat. An old trout farm has been renovated into a park/conservatory. Off Interstate 10, take the canyon road until you see the end of the road and park in the turnout just before the yellow diamond. Walk back about 20 paces to the burned out tree stump, growing new life next to the road. Look under a stack of rocks under the stump roots.