Letterboxing on Kendall Farm  LbNA # 52595

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateMar 22 2010
LocationPerry, ME
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Letterboxing on Kendall Farm

Kendall Farm is located on Boyden Lake in Perry, Maine. The farm was purchased in 1854 by Robert Golding, the great-great-grandfather of my friend and current proprietor, Georgie Kendall. The land was worked for three generations as a farm. In the early 1930's, two cottages were added to the property to serve as accommodations for the growing number of families coming to summer in Downeast Maine. The proximity to the lake was a boon, both in summer and in winter. Georgie’s grandfather and father hand-sawed ice from the frozen lakes in winter, packed the blocks in hay, and hauled the blocks by horse drawn sleds to ice houses at the cottages along Boyden Lake. By June, it would still be solid and ready for summer residents to use for refrigeration.

Today, the Kendall’s are still farming - albeit on a smaller scale. Kendall Farm offers an abundance of watercress growing in a nearby natural spring, wild blueberry patches, a raspberry patch, and large vegetable and flower gardens where guests can harvest food and flowers for their cottage tables.
You can learn more about Kendall Farm (and get directions) at www.kendallfarmcottages.com. You can also read more about the history of this part of Maine by visiting http://www.fineartistmade.com/our-restoration-history.php.

Please note that these boxes are placed on private property. Georgie welcomes people to enjoy these boxes as well as a dip in the lake. However, please keep to marked trails, please park where directed, and please only box during daylight hours. If you see Georgie’s blue car in the driveway, you are welcome to knock and say hello.

As always, please email me with updates on the condition of the box, or to share stories of your adventures.


1. Golding Family Cemetery letterbox
a. Please park next to the farm house; please do not park next to shed or barn
b. Walk back out the dirt driveway to the Golding Road
c. Turn left, then turn right at first hidden driveway to the right and walk straight back to the Golding cemetery
d. Look for the gravestone for a war veteran who has the same name as Georgie’s great, great grandfather.
e. From this gravestone, walk 26 paces at 124 degrees.
f. You’ll find the box hidden under rocks by a small spruce tree.
g. Be sure to check out some of the other, old grave markers at this site.

2. Boyden Lake letterbox
a. Please park next to the farm house; please do not park next to shed or barn
b. Look for a trail that starts at the Kendall door yard and leads to the lake. You’ll find the trail to the right of the large red pines along the driveway between the garage and the barn.
c. Follow trail to the shore of Boyden Lake
d. The box should be hidden at the base of one of the largest cedars on the right at the water’s edge

Good luck, have fun, and dip in the lake for a swim when you are done!