Pass Out the Cigars! (Status unknown 06/05)  LbNA # 5264 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 13 2003
LocationOwensboro, KY
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Difficulty: Easy (but ups & downs!)
Time: Less than 1 hour

Congratulations Western Kentucky on the delivery of your very first letterbox! Although Eastern Kentucky has a few boxes, Western Kentucky had been left behind -- until now! This box is located at Ben Hawes State Park in my hometown of Owensboro. Ben Hawes is a lovely park with a 1.5 mile hiking trail through a hilly, gorgeously wooded area. It has a very nice golf course, softball field, archery range, basketball court, and a large well-tended picnic shelter with restrooms and playground near the entrance to the park. The park is four miles west of Owensboro off US 60. Be sure to bring drinking water and be prepared for some climbing!

From Owensboro, take US 60 west, turning right onto Booth Field Road. The park entrance is at the end of the road. After entering the park, go past the first parking lot on the right, turning into the second parking lot. You'll pass a brick house on your right and another parking area, continuing until you can go no further. You will see the hiking trail entrance at the edge of the last parking lot. After you start on the trail, look for where it splits, taking the path to the right. Continue until it splits again, this time taking the path to the left. After walking a bit further, look for the wooden bench. Have a seat and rest a while as you take in the quiet beauty of the park. Continue on the trail and notice the creek to the right. At the next fork in the trail, with a mound in front of you, take a left. Follow the trail along a fence. When you get to the bottom of the hill, look for the tree that stands on the right side of the trail, with the initials "J S + C S" carved into it. As you climb up the hill from there, look for the knotty tree off the left side of the trail. Look to the right of the trail and you'll see 2 separate "autograph" trees (no, I didn't carve on the tree!). Go to the autograph tree that stands partly on the trail. Turn around to backtrack down the trail/hill about 25 feet. When you stop, as you are facing downhill, look to your left for a large pin oak tree. The box is hidden in the root area.

Be sure to write a note to let us know what you think about the park and box location. Hope you enjoy the search as much as we enjoyed finding a place for it! Happy hunting!