Spread the Peace  LbNA # 52656

Placed DateMar 24 2010
LocationBellingham, WA
Found By Mariner Fan
Last Found Aug 3 2010
Hike Distance?

What a great place for a great view of the bay!! Easy to get to, kid and pet friendly and not too hard on the feet. This is not wheelchair accessible, though. Sorry.

To get to this letterbox, follow Highway 11 (Chuckanut Dr.) to Larrabee State Park. Go through the archway and follow the drive to the parking lot where the Amptheatre is located. Follow the path to the beach, traveling through the wildlife tunnel (beware of Sasquatch!!).

At the bottom of the stairs, you can choose your route. North takes you to the little cove below, north takes you to some very nice viewpoints and the box! Feel free to head north if you want to hit the beach first, then come back for the box!

Heading south from the stairs, follow the guard rail around the cliff, avoiding the path that Y's to the left at the first fork. Another fork, but keep to the right... the view is just up ahead!! Check out the cove to your right and the bay to the west. Pretty, huh? Check out the houses due north that are literally built on the cliffs.

Follow the path south "up and over". You'll pass another intersection before a bench. Head past the bench and continue south. Before heading down a flight of stoney stairs, you'll see a short trail to the left that bears the sign "Not A Trail". Head towards the sign looking to the right. There behind a tree trunk, under bark and rock is the Peace you can spread!! Good luck.