The Lady from the Old Farm Frenzy  LbNA # 52659

Placed DateMar 25 2010
Location???, IL
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There was a Lady named Dodie. Dodie was born in 1877. Dodie lived in Heather Ridge in Gurnee, Illinois. Dodie had 5 younger sisters. Dodie thought she was not important to her family so she ran away. On a Friday night she ran into a neighborhood called "SouthRidge". She went up Wildflower Lane, until she saw a gazebo where people where saying "DODIE!". So Dodie ran to the left and went up Plainview Road. She went to Knobb Hill on the first left. Dodie was scared when she saw a cop car. She went through a path that led to Old Farm Lane. There was a swamp on the right of her. Her family saw her while she layed on the right of the path injured. This box was placed here by Smoresguy99 to have the memory of my Great Aunt Dodie who just died.

*Need to have your own InkPad*
*Please write your trail name in Black OR Blue for her memory*

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