2E * 10^4  LbNA # 52690

Placed DateMar 27 2010
LocationAlbuquerque, NM
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

2E * 10^4
Hand-carved stamp.

Ski, snowboard, snowshoe, mountain bike, or hike to this letterbox. It's located at the intersection of the 10 K forest service trail in Cibola National Forest and the Double Eagle ski run at Sandia Peak. We skied in to plant and found a lovely limestone hiding place. It's currently above the snow line (2010 has been a great year for snow!) and so it will probably be accessible year-round. Once the snow melts it might be quite high off the ground, but I think it can be easily accessed from above too. (No problems 6/20/10)

There are numerous ways to get to the intersection of these two trails, but I'll give two choices for those unfamiliar with the area. From the west, ride the Sandia Peak Tram (or hike) to the top of Sandia Crest, find a trail map for the ski area and follow it to Double Eagle (the most northern trail). Hike (ski, bike, board etc.) down about 400 feet in elevation. Find the tiny blue diamond XC skier sign on the south side of the run. It's attached to a tree. That's the marker for the 10 K trail. Look for the other marker slightly uphill on the opposite side of the ski run. It's there but hidden. Follow the CLUE.

From the east, drive up Hwy 536, (accessed off of NM 14, north of I-40) and drive to the 10 K trailhead situated at an elevation of 10,000 feet. Park and take the trail heading south. (Trail sign is missing. 10K south is the trail that starts over the foot bridge and left, into the woods paralleling the road. There is a sign about 50 feet in that gives its name.) Stop when you get to Double Eagle ski run, a bit over 1/2 mile in. Follow the CLUE.

CLUE: The 10 K trail as it crosses Double Eagle is the hypotenuse of a right triangle that will lead you to our letterbox. From either end follow a leg, downhill or across the hill, to the right angle. At the vertex of this right angle is a dead tree. Look into the woods (north-side) and find the large limestone block. In front are three small aspen trees leading to a vertical crack. On top of the crack sits a sheltering boulder. Look inside.

There are fees to ride and ski and bike and park. www.sandiapeak.com is a good place to get more info. about all the recreational possibilities. The USFS charges a $3.00 parking fee at most east-side trailheads. ENJOY!