Bump, set, spike!  LbNA # 52697

Placed DateMar 26 2010
LocationEagan, MN
Found By Imagines Peace
Last Found Jun 19 2013
Hike Distance?

Bump, set, spike!

One day two girls were playing volleyball at Blackhawk Park. The serve went up and woooosh, the wind swept the ball away. The ball rolled down the paved path between the sand volleyball court and the picnic pavilion.

Stay on the paved path. Continue over the footbridge, staying on the paved path near the lake. After a bit there will be a seriously large tree on your left, our girls insist it is a perfect tree for the enchanted forest in the Wizard of Oz. Walk about 13 steps beyond the tree into the wooded area to two large fallen trees. The remains of an old tree fort are scattered about. The volleyball rolled under the second tree that used to be home to the tree fort. Under the tree, at the last tree house step nailed to the tree is where you will find the volleyball covered by bark and leaves.