Chappell Hill  LbNA # 52723

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMar 27 2010
LocationChappell Hill, TX
Found By Wishbone
Last Found Jun 9 2013
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 100 yards

The Chappell Hill letterbox is located in Masonic Cemetery in Chappell Hill, Texas. It is near the grave marker for the founder of Chappell Hill, Jacob Haller. Great cemetery to wonder around and find other boxes.

***** STAMP IS MISSING **** If you find box, and stamp still gone, email me and I will email you the image. *** Now reported Missing, but not confirmed *********

From Houston going Hwy 290, go right on Hwy 1155 to downtown Chappell Hill. Go left on Hwy 2447, then right on Old Chappell Hill Rd and straight into cememetery. Follow one way route straight ahead and park in small lot on left before rode turns right.

To the Letterbox:
Walk down the hill from the parking toward the stone grave encloser near the middle edge of the cemetery. To the left of this is the marker for Jacob Haller. From his marker, go past the bench to the tree by the fence. Go left at this tree, along the fence, to the next Large Cedar Tree. On the far side of this tree, box is in slot about 4 foot high, with sticks hiding it. Please be sure to add sticks back when done!!!