Marion Bonner (GSCSA)  LbNA # 52736

Placed DateMar 29 2010
LocationFt Polk, LA
Found By The Kings
Last Found Apr 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Marion Bonner Recreation Area is located inside Ft. Polk Military Base. The base is a restricted base. To must have insurance, registration and driver license to get a day pass at the gate. Just tell the gate guard that you are going to Marion Bonner.
From the main gate located on Entrance Rd: (Entrance Rd is Louisiana Ave.)
Follow Louisiana Ave down to Chaffee Road. Chaffee Rd is the 6th red light you will come to. You will have to turn left onto the road. It is a One Way street. Follow Chaffee Rd over the railroad tracks. After you cross the tracks you will come up a hill. Marion Bonner is located on the right at the top of the hill.

There is a parking area just north of the main post that marks the entry to the twin ponds of Marion Bonner Recreation Area. This is also the start of a Nature Trail System, which features signs marking plant species indigenous to much of Louisiana. These may range from small wildflowers to towering oaks.

As you wander through the woodlands on these clearly marked paths, you will notice plenty of opportunities to set up a picnic for the family, complete with tables and grills. Many of the sites overlook the two ponds, which are regularly stocked with fish.

To the box:
Park along the wooden fence. Walk through the gate area. If the gate is closed, you may still enter the area. As you walk toward the picnic tables you will notice a concrete trail in front of you and a pond to the right of it. Start heading down toward that pond. On the right you will see a gravel/dirt trail with a wooden nature marker. This is the trail you want to follow. You will be on the nature trail that was created by the Boy Scouts. Follow the trail, stopping to read the nature markers in place, around the edge of the pond. You will cross over a “low lie” area with concrete blocks. Go straight up the hill. As you get to the top of the hill you will see a large fallen tree that is slightly on the path. Walk to the end of the fallen tree. Turn right facing all the pieces of fallen tree. You will see two pieces of tree laying side-by-side. Move the smaller of the two tree pieces. The box is under the larger branch.

Finish your hike along the nature trail. It will take you back to the Marion Bonner Rd right before the parking lot. You can either return to your car or finish the hike. If you look across the road you will see a space in the wooden fence. That is the other half of the trail. Follow the trail on around through the woods, past the other pond and finally back to the picnic area.

Please make sure you hide the box back very well.