Family's Happy Kitty Cat  LbNA # 52739

Placed DateMar 28 2010
LocationRockport, TX
Found By artist
Last Found Jul 19 2013
Hike Distance?

From Houston go Southwest on Hwy 59 to Victoria. Turn left, south, onto Hwy 77 toward FM 239. Turn left, east, on FM 239 toward Tivoli. Turn right, south, onto Hwy. 35. Drive about 30 miles to Park Road 13. Turn left, east, onto Park Road 13 and go 1 mile to Goose Island State Park. The park entrance is to the right, but you will go left for another mile, then right to the Big Tree parking area on the left. The park is located 10 miles northeast of Rockport.

The Big Tree on Goose Island State Park is part of the Aransas Loop described on the Central Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail map. One of the largest Coastal Live Oaks in the nation, it is over 1000 years old. This park is a great place to view migrant land birds and waterfowl. During a spring cold front the live oaks in the park may be congested with "fallouts" (migrant birds "falling out" of the sky after crossing the Gulf Of Mexico). There is an entrance fee for the park, but none to see the Big Tree.

Directions: As you approach the front of Big Tree, there will be a sign on your right hand side. Read the poem by the Big Tree. Start down the concrete path to your right. Take 65 steps to a bench. Staying on the contrete path, walk 8 steps past the bench.

Look to your right hand side, 90 degrees from the concrete path you are on. You will see a grassy-dirt path that leads into the trees. Take 25 steps down this path. You will come to a clearing.

Straight ahead of you is a telephone pole. Take 30 steps down the path toward this pole. Now, as you face this pole, 3 steps to your left at 45 degrees is a small tree with some cactus in front of it.

Go to the right, around the cactus, to the base of the small tree. The base of the tree forms a V. In the V is where you will find the letter box.

Please recover well with leaves/twigs as the area is frequented by Boy Scouts. Doing a good deed on litter pick-up, if a boy spots the letter box, it will likely end up in a trash bag.