350 Maine  LbNA # 52740

OwnerCurious Crow    
Placed DateMar 28 2010
LocationKittery, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found Mar 9 2016
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This letterbox celebrates the Great Northern Diver, also known as the Common Loon, a bird sensitive to human impacts. 350 parts per million CO2 in our atmosphere is considered the safety line for climate balance. In 2010 we are at 390 ppm and rising. As you are driving in Maine stop in here to log in something you are doing to help reduce the impacts of climate change and save our friend the loon.

You'll find 350 Maine at the Maine Info Center in Kittery, accessible off Routes 1 and 95. It is located at the backside of the Info Center from I-95, on the Route 1 side. If you come in on I-95, park and walk through the building and out the other side and turn left on the sidewalk. If you come in on Route 1, park and aproach the front door and turn right on the sidewalk.

Follow the sidewalk a short distance until it ends. Cross over the back lane into the building and head towards a stone wall. Keep the wall on your left and follow it for a few steps. Pass between 2 white pines and get close to the wall where a large hemlock resides on the other side, but don't cross over the wall. This hemlock is two trees close together. One of them has a prominent sawed off trunk with a second trunk untouched by the chainsaw. Just past this tree, on the near side of the wall, look down for a small cave of rocks in the wall with a bark door, possibly somewhat obscurred by leaves and debris. Here you'll find 350 Maine.