Princess Teddy  LbNA # 52741

OwnerCW Sun Seeker    
Placed DateMar 20 2010
LocationTexarkana, TX
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Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a big castle with her father and mother, the king and queen. They gave Princess Teddy everything she wanted: clothes, jewelry, toys and games. But she wasn’t allowed to leave the castle on her own, unless it was in her parents’ golden carriage.

Early one morning the Princess Teddy crept into the maid’s room and borrowed her old clothes, got dressed and slipped quietly out the castle’s back door.

Taking taxi to Texarkana, she wanted to see the world beyond the castle. She watched people going about their daily business. From I-30 the taxi got off on exit 220B – Richmond Rd./FM 559 and went north on Richmond Rd., then turned right on Scott Wright Rd., arriving at Bringle Lake.

Princess Teddy enjoyed her time at the lake. She had a picnic, played at the playground, made some friends, and then went for a walk into the woods. She started on the biggest main trail, which is nearest the water. At the “Y” in the trail, she kept on straight ahead. At the “T” in the trail she met BIKER TEDDY (a letterbox) and continued right on up the trail. She sat on a bench on the left side of the trail, and saw a 4-trunk tree on the right side of the trail. This tree became her favorite hiding spot.

When she got back to the castle the king and queen were angry and worried. Princess Teddy explained that she had been sad and lonely, and found a place that made her happy. Her parents agreed that with permission, she could return to her favorite spot to visit her letterboxing friends.

BE SURE TO ZIP POUCH AND ALL BAGS CLOSED. Please be discreet. The trails are very popular for dog walkers and others. Be sure to cover her well with leaves before you leave.