Heat Stroke  LbNA # 52750

OwnerFoothill Forester    
Placed DateFeb 11 2010
LocationLone Pine, CA
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Mar 17 2011
Hike Distance?

The record high temperature for the Western Hemisphere was recorded in Death Valley on July 13, 1913.

Because of these extreme temperatures please make sure you cover the box completely and keep it out of the sun. Also, don't forget your water to avoid heat stroke.

Travel east on Hwy 190 and park at the Intersection of Hwy 190 and Saline Valley Road Just before entering Death Valley National Park. Look Across Hwy 190 and find the yellow road sign marked with arrows pointed in both directions. From this sign head approximatley 19 paces at a bearing of S45°E. Look for a small rock pile next to some sage brush. The rock pile has a 4" quartz rock on top and 2 old rusty coke cans next to it.

*This box is not located within the National Park*