Homestead  LbNA # 5276

Placed DateAug 15 2003
LocationRonan, MT
Found By JessHasArrived
Last Found Nov 18 2006
Hike Distance?

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In 1910 the Flathead Reservation in Western Montana was opened to homesteading. The reservation is still there, but with a population of approximately four to one, non-Native American to Native American. Remaining tribal lands are now managed by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Without getting into the right or wrong of the treatment of Native Americans in the past, one has to admire the courage and fortitude of the homesteaders who cut out lives for themselves on rough land. My ancestors in Montana were homesteaders. This letterbox is for them.

CLUE: The letterbox is at the Ronan City Park, off Highway 93, 1-2 blocks west of the visitor's center. Go to the south section of the park which is between Buchanan and Eisenhower Streets. Search along Spring Creek for the Willow tree with multiple trunks which is near a new pedestrian bridge and an open-sided pavillion. The box is on the west side of the tree, next to some of the trunks, under a bit of debris, just enough to cover up the box.

Happy hunting!

UPDATE 12/5/04: More detailed clues are: It is on the opposite side of the bridge from the covered area. As I recall, there were several bushy willows along the creek there. The letterbox is in the bush closest to the bridge. If you stand in front of the bush with the creek behind the bush, the letterbox is center right along the base of it covered with a bit of debris. The letterbox is in a sandwich-size clear plastic container.