Wild About Parks: King Park  LbNA # 52776

OwnerUPD - APNC    
Placed DateApr 1 2010
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By "The Lovebirds"
Last Found Mar 1 2011
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Wild About Parks: King Park

This clue is part of the Urbana Park District’s Wild About Parks Quest--celebrating the Anita Purves Nature Center’s 30th anniversary. The Quest runs 6/13/09-6/12/10, but the boxes will remain in place indefinitely. Prizes can be won during the Quest for those who find 10, 20, and 30 boxes. Those who locate all 30 will be entered into a grand prize drawing. For more information, and for clue booklets, visit www.urbanaparks.org.

King Park Clue
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 30 minutes

A leader of civil rights
Fought through long and dangerous nights
Worked to end segregation
And bring equality to our nation
He was held in high esteem
When he told us “I have a dream”

To locate this box, begin your journey by parking at the end of the circle on W. Wascher Dr. Stroll past the playground, travelling south on the sidewalk. Follow the intersection to the right (west), towards the Jettie Rhodes pavilion. Past the pavilion, look for the sports nets. Beyond these courts are a row of conspicuous conifers (evergreens). There are two distinct types. Look closely to note the differences in their needles. One has leaves that are overlapping and scaly; these are cedar trees. The other two have smooth needles; these are fir trees (two species).

Record the number of Cedar trees:_____.
Record the total number of both species of fir trees:____.
# of Cedar trees minus # of fir trees = ______.

Now use this final sum and count this number of Cedar trees starting from the end furthest from the school
The letterbox is hidden within the this tree’s branches.