Root Down  LbNA # 52792

OwnerThe D Tree    
Placed DateMay 31 2009
LocationYellow Springs, OH
Found By Lizard Mom
Last Found Sep 4 2010
Hike Distance?

1. Start at the Raptor Center in the Glen Helen ( Standing in the road with raptors to your left, take the fork up to the right.
2. As you approach the Lodge, pass it on your right and go around the front corner.
3. Find the ancient dinner bell hook, if it's dinner time, hang a bell and ring it if, if not…
4. Follow the gravel path downhill towards a small wooden bridge. At the bridge you will see the riddling twin trees. They will point you to the right path.
5. Continue uphill to the Cedar Center, count the number of square windows and remember that number – be extra stealth if the building is in use (bonus points if you can convince a stranger that you are selling window panes).
6. With the Cedar Center to your back, follow the stone driveway. When you get to a fork in the road, take it. Actually, it’s a circle so either direction will do.
7. Continue on the gravel road across a small stone bridge.
8. Listening for the sound of water, take the first trail you see on the left.
9. You’ll approach a bridge over The Cascades, take a stick and throw it in the water upstream, then watch it go under the bridge and over the waterfall, pretty cool, huh? Okay, quit lollygagging and cross the bridge following a historically sited trail onwards and upwards … #9 … #9 … #9
10. Round the bend to your right, following the tree route steps will lead you to a giant white oak tree with a boulder at its base.
11. Find the year that the Glen was presented to Antioch College, remember this number and read Helen’s poem.
12. Continue on your way along the main wide path away from the Cascades. Pass a slice of oak on your left that will give you a sense of the age of these woods, if you’re quiet you can hear your destination. You are close!
13. Following the sound, a dead tree will point you the last bit of the way.
14. Drink from the healing waters of the Springs (yes, it’s safe... though you’ll be destined to return to the Glen if you do). With your back to the Spring, follow the trail leading downhill to the right.
15. At the first of the wooden steps you find, a small trail will cut off on the right, stop there. Take the number of windows at the Cedar Center and add the year that Glen Helen was presented to Antioch College. Divide that number in half and multiply by Pi (just carry the decimal out to the hundredth and use 3.14, no need to go crazy, brainiac).
16. Once you’ve got that number, go play the Ohio Lottery with it, good luck. Now find that top wooden step I mentioned earlier. From that first wooden step, count 40 paces down the trail that cuts off to the right or, depending on your shoe size, count 20 paces from the dead tree stump along that trail.
16. There will be a small tree growing off the trail 2 feet to your left, standing there look up to the stone cliffs on your right. There will be a rock with the “D Tree” symbol hiding the box. If you’ve found that, you’ve found the box and are ready to rock it root down!
17. After you find the box, put the rock back the way you found it. Try and camouflage it as much as possible. Go grab a beer at the Tavern.