Survivor  LbNA # 52793 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 27 2010
LocationMelbourne, FL
Found By jediman
Last Found Jul 23 2010
Hike Distance?


Survivor Camporee 2010
Placed This Letter Box!

Start at the NE left quadrant of the youth camp ground inside Wickham park!

Lots of Trails and lots of racoons...look for the hiking post by a little stream labeled horses-arrows-bikes-hiking right next to the stream.

Go due East headed towards a grove of shady oak trees down a white sand path. Look for black snakes as we saw one while planting this box!

Turn south under that shade of oaks about the 4th small trail on your right ..again under those shady oaks. As you head east you'll come to a fork very fast..head SE and to your left...a few more feet and your crossing under the twisted low oaks branches. Not to far a few more feet headed N look for a fallin pine with roots exposed. Note along that side away from path should be the Survivor Camporee 2010 box, log and hand made stamp.

Girl Scouts Learned this for the first time on March 27 2010 at a Survivor Camporee! We look forward to coming back and checking our log! Enjoy!

Report to us if needed!
Thanks to Caroline, Jenn and All who helped out so much!
And to Miss Chris for helping me instruct this class!
Oklawewa SU
Citrus Council!