Madison Lake Mix-Up Series  LbNA # 52795

Placed DateMar 31 2010
LocationLondon, OH
Found By Veggie&The Meateater
Last Found Apr 25 2010
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Madison Lake Mix-Up Series

The official address for Madison Lake is 4860 E. Park Dr. London, Ohio if you are using a GPS. The land in this area was deeded to the State of Ohio in 1946 for the development of this lake and dam. It is noted for its abundance of bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish.
The boxes planted here were previously planted along the trail at the 2009 SOHT (they were not named at the time) and one was at the 2008 SOHT event. They have all found permanent homes at the lake. I hope you enjoy your hunt!

Box #1
Take Spring Valley Rd., to State of Ohio Rd. Follow it to the will then find marking for Sugar Maple Trail. Go over the wooden bridge, up hill, down hill, up hill to left in the fork. Just before wooden bridge, find family of many trees on the right and you will find “Frank” tucked in safely behind about waist high.

Box #2 cross the bridge and take the left path , stay on the left path and you will eventually find your way to the waters edge. Proceed in a southerly direction and stop at the bench on your left. On your right, look for “Bats in the Belfry” tucked in again about waist high across from the bench. Note…I sat on the bench to stamp in, it seemed pretty secure, but use your own judgment.

Box #3 is located on the opposite side of the lake. Turn left on to Spring Valley Rd. to left on Chelesdine at park entrance. Pass the playground and begin your search at the shelter house. At the southern most horseshoe pit, take a reading of 240 degrees and go 40 paces to find “Pirate Avast ye Scarvy Scum”.

Please reseal the boxes and bags securely and tuck them away safely when you are done, and take a minute