The Memory Series: Gazelle  LbNA # 52811

Placed DateApr 3 2010
LocationGurnee, IL
Planted ByTheDogDude    
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Apr 9 2010
Hike Distance?

Story #1:

Gazelle has 5 sisters. Gazelle is an orphan living in the sewers. On April 3rd, 2010 Gazelle decided to go into the real world. She climbed her way out on Hunt Club Road. Gazelle walked to SouthRidge Neighborhood on Wildflower Lane. She found a bike on Saratoga Ct. and went to the couldesac in Saratoga. She dug up a Baseball and the end of the street. *Search this area.She found a baseball because theres a baseball stamp*

Story #2:

Gazelle made her way out of Saratoga and rode her bike up Wildflower Lane and turned left on SouthRidge Drive. She walked up the sidewalk until she hit a street called Indian Trail Road. She turned left going into the park. Gazelle climbed up the tree and saw a beautiful fireworks show.*Search the area in the tree.When Gazelle saw the fireworks so theres a dynomnite stamp*

Story #3:

Gazelle climbed out of the tree & crossed the street and walked on the sidewalk going towards Oakmont Lane. She saw her little sister Karen looking for her so she ran to the end of the street where a dead end is. She ran left to Inverness Drive. She went to the end where a grassy island is there she layed rest there.*Search this area*