Happy Birthday To You!!!  LbNA # 52820

Placed DateApr 3 2010
LocationCollierville, TN
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found May 1 2015
Hike Distance?

Make your way to Herb Parson Lake north of Collierville, off of Fisherville Rd. Park and start out walking to the right, over the top of the dam, with the lake to your left. Past the end of the dam you get to the 0.5 red wood post. Only 1 logbook for this series, and it's in the second box. Other 3 boxes are stamp only. This is about a 3 mile walk.

#1 When you get to the 0.5 marker, stand at it. With your back to the lake, you see the bench in front of you, and to the right a barely noticeable trail that leads up a short hill and into the woods. Between the bench and the barely noticeable trail is a short (6 inches) stump up on the short hill. Box is inside the stump.

#2 Birthday - Continue following the original path, entering the woods, and walking with the lake to your left. Continue walking until you come to a fork in the trail. One way (the left) continues around the lake, the other way (the right) goes uphill.Go ahead and take the left trail (around the lake) continue on the main trail, for about 1/4 mile. Look for a green metal post on the left, then a dip, then on the right is a humongous trunk tree, that splits into three huge trunks. The box is located at the base of the tree, on the front right, dug down a little.

#3 To - From that humongous tree, you will see a different path behind the tree. Go to that path and turn right (as you are facing away from the lake). Go about 1/4 mile, and you come to an unlikely patch of daffodils with their distinctive leaves (noticeable in Spring/Summer) next to a patch of bushes that have long spikes (most noticeable Fall/Winter). In front of the patch of daffodils is a spindly tree stump on the right of the trail about 12 feet tall. At the base of the spindly stump is a stump hole where a bigger tree used to be. The box is inside that stump hole.

#4 You - Keep going, same trail, same direction, about another 1/2 mile, around a big bend, through a break in a barbed wire fence. Just through the barbed wire fence are 4 concrete blocks in the woods to the left. Go to these. The box is in the dirt next to (and behind) the first concrete block on the left under a small piece of concrete.