Ford Harris Park  LbNA # 52831

Placed DateApr 3 2010
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Jan 2 2012
Hike Distance?

To complete this letterbox, you will need to do some online and in person investigations. To find the answers, you may visit this website:

Please bring red ink or a red marker, as no ink is provided.

1st space: The infield shall be a ___-foot square.
2nd space: There are two teams of ___ players each.
3rd space: There are ___ outs for each team per inning.
4th space: A batter becomes a runner when ___ balls have been thrown.
5th space: The pitcher’s plate shall be ___ inches above the level of home plate.
6th space: ___ strikes and you’re out.
7th space: A regulation game consists of ___ innings.

To get to Ford Harris Park, travel north on Cunningham Ave AKA Route 45 towards Rantoul. After you pass Airport Road, it is about 2 miles further to get to Ford Harris Road. Turn left onto Ford Harris Road, and the park will be on your right.

As you enter this park, you will find a dedication plaque. As you proceed down the gravel driveway, you will notice a small swing-set on your left. Enter the number of swings the 8th space below.

Continue to the baseball diamond, and try to remember the first time you played baseball with friends or family. Look north-west to see a pavilion in the distance, and go to it. Along the way, notice the trees and try to imagine how long they have been growing here. When you arrive at the pavilion, count the number of doors and put that number into the 9th space below.

Now complete the mathematical equation and write the answer into the last space. Stand at the south-east corner of the pavilion, facing east, and proceed the number of steps in the last space. A slanted friend will give you what you seek.

___ / ___ x ___ + ___ + ___ + ___ + ___ + ___ + ___ = ___