SLICKER!  LbNA # 52850

Placed DateApr 4 2010
LocationLewis Center/Delaware, OH
Found By tjlpayne
Last Found Jul 24 2016
Hike Distance?

Level of Difficulty: Easy, but need compass and
navigation abilities.

Location: Kingwood Memorial Park, located on the West side
of Rte 23, in Lewis Center, north of
Highbanks Park and south of Orange Road.

As you enter the park, you will pass by the office on the left
hand side. As you approach the flag pole, turn right when
you see that “The Lord Is Your Shepard”.

When you see the “Garden of Peace” on the left, turn right
up the road until you arrive at the “Meadow of
Serenity”. Go left and park your vehicle in front of

Directly behind “Chen”, find “Smullen”.
Pay your respects to Mimi - “Carpe Diem!”
As you face Mimi, walk 75 steps at 330 degrees
past “Goff” to “Slicker”.

While in front of “Slicker”, walk 40 paces at 70 degrees
to “Grafton”. Directly behind “Grafton” is a bed of
bushes. The center sits a rectangular series of boxwood plants/bushes.

Inside the southwestern most boxwood bush, SLICKER is hidden.
Stamp into the log book, stamp SLICKER into
your logbook and carefully put the box back in the bush,
and be careful not to be seen by others. Hide box carefully after you are done, and place in bush so it can't be seen.
Thanks, and HAVE FUN!