Tribal Animals  LbNA # 52899

Placed DateMar 19 2010
CountySan Bernardino
LocationChino Hills, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found May 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Tribal Animals

Mika the Raccoon

From the large parking lot walk 260 yards back down the paved park road to the bottom of the hill and the posted Telegraph Canyon Trail on the right. Head up the dirt road on the south side of Telegraph Canyon. Look for two metal poles on the right. At the base of pole marked O2 (first pole) examine base.

Sunguru the Rabbit

Continue on the dirt road until you see an exposed pipe with a metal fence holding it up. Look on the right side by the upright pole under a large log.

Tokala the Fox

Continue to the one-mile point in the trail where it forks into the Raptor Ridge, Hills for Everyone, and the Telegraph Canyon trail. Head through the poorly maintained grass area on the north side of the creek onto the Hills for Everyone Trail. The grass gets about knee high. Look at the base of the first interpretive trail sign on the left side.

Mjusi the Lizard

Continue a short distance to a bridge over the creek. There will be two fallen trees over the trail. Look to the left side when the trail starts going uphill under the roots at the base of a two-trunked tree. (We continued from this point to the Four Corners lookout but it took us about two hours and was extremely difficult/often hazardous.)

My advice is head back the way you came and take the Telegraph Canyon Trail to the right. Continue until you get to another dirt road to the right (Eovinian Delight Trail). Take that trail up to the Four Corners lookout.

Punda the Horse

At the Four Corners lookout find the sign for the Raptor Canyon sign. Look at the base under loose rocks.

Kangee the Raven

Head back the way you came to a sign for a dirt road marked Utility. At the base of that sign under the power lines is what you seek.

Tikaani the Wolf

Continue down on the South Ridge Trail until you see a Gas Pipeline side on both sides of the trail. Look under the North side sign.

Pakwa the Frog

Make your way down the trail until you get to mile marker 1. Buried at the base of the marker is what you seek. Continue on the trail and it winds its way back to where you started.