Tortoiseville  LbNA # 52901

OwnerGopher Tortoises    
Placed DateApr 7 2010
LocationNaples, FL
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Jan 16 2015
Hike Distance?

You will need a compass to find this box. The map in the Naples Preserve brochure will also help.
1. Begin on the Chickee facing 90degrees East and walk on the boardwalk to Observation Deck 1 (Post 1). Look 220degrees North from Deck 1 to see if the tortoise is on the burrow.
2. Take a heading of 90degrees and follow the boardwalk to the intersection. Take the right leg of the intersection and walk around the gopher tortoise "playpen".
3. Go 180degrees South down the "scorpion tail" to Observation Deck 3 (Post 6) and look in the Cabbage Palm snag for a woodpecker hole.
4. Go 0-degrees North on the "scorpion tail" and turn 90degrees East on the boardwalk. Walk quietly and look for tortoises grazing in the meadow or sitting on their burrows.
5. Go 9 paces from Observation Deck 2 (Post 4) and turn to face 180degrees South. Look under the boardwalk. Please do not get off the boardwalk.

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