All Elm Grove Park All The Time  LbNA # 52938

OwnerThe All Team    
Placed DateApr 8 2010
LocationElm Grove, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found May 25 2010
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Replacement Box will be placed on 04/16/2010
All Elm Grove Park All The Time

In Elm Grove Park, we're sure you'll find
A happy, peaceful state of mind.
For here we have lots of FUN in full;
Playgrounds, path and swimming pool.
Around all of this we have hid
A box, a stamp, a camo lid.
Park your mode of transportation
In the lot of the fire station
North you'll walk to find the way
Carefully crossing the road this day
For park patrons are often found
Driving in the fun from all around.
Continue north and on your left
You'll see a rock of great weight and heft
Describing Notre Dame Sisters' home history
An interesting tale, we think you'll see.
Bear to the right and continue to tread
The direction north you need to head.
Follow the walk and you will wind
A little if you don't care or mind.
You'll come closer to the pond if you wish
Or continue straight if you're scared of fish
Two bridges in your sight over yonder
Over one of these you'll have to wander
Is it left or is it right?
Just past this bridge we've chosen our site.
It may not look as big as the other
But it is as important as it's larger brother.
For over this bridge we find our way
Into Elm Grove Park fun and play.
After you cross it you'll continue to walk
Not too long so don't whine or balk
Maybe sixty steps or so
And then off the walk you should go
Heading south now you will skip
Into the brush along the crick
Your target is hidden close ...yippee!
Just take a look under a downed tree.