Passing on the Left  LbNA # 52942

Placed DateApr 8 2010
LocationRochester, MN
Found ByGiffordPirates
Last UpdateApr 6 2012

Difficulty – Easy
10 Minute walk (roundtrip).

Rochester has 60 miles of recreational trails which are a great way to do biking, jogging, walking or walking the dog. If you are walking on these trails you might hear ‘Passing on the left’ shouted by the many bikers that also use these trails too! Be extremely stealthy. This is a high traffic area. You might want to leave someone on the trail to watch for others on the trail!

These trails are not maintained during the winter but you should still be able to find the box!

The clues:

Find the Olmsted Historical Center to begin this adventure. Take highway xx ( where xx is the number of years celebrated on the silver anniversary) west of Rochester. Turn left on to Mayowood Road. Keep an eye out for the number 4010 which will mark the start of one of the many city trails in and around Rochester. Park your car (there is parking for about 20 cars on the shoulder) and begin your adventure! Please observe the hours of NO parking.

Walk down the paved path. When you see a swinging bench, take a seat. Notice there is a paved path on the left and one on the right. Take the path to the left. Keep walking until you see a long green box on your left with the numbers 4047 on it. Turn around. You should be facing where you just came from. Now line up your right shoulder with the green box which is on your right side now. Heading south start counting fence posts. When you reach the 18th fence post, face the fence post and notice the big old grand tree to the left. Reach up into the crotch of the tree and look behind the bark to find what you seek.

Please make sure you seal the box completely and that you cover the box with the piece of bark.

Bring your own stamp pad. Suggested color: blue or red

Please email us when you find it:

Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.



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