Disc Golf Course  LbNA # 52987 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2010
LocationDubuque, IA
Found By jcmwup4fun
Last Found Dec 8 2010
Hike Distance?

** All of these boxes have been pulled for logbook maintenance. I will let you know when they have been replanted. **

These boxes are located at the disc golf course in Veterans Memorial Park. To get there from Highway 20, go north on North Grandview Ave. Continue on until you get to Kane Street, and turn left. Then, turn right on North view Drive, next to Wahlert High School.

The Practice Basket
Before you start playing disc golf, make sure to take a few putts at the practice basket. When you are done, look for a huge tree directly north from the practice basket. In between the two main trunks of this monster tree, you will find your prize, covered with leaves and sticks.

The Comet
Play the disc golf course until you have reached hole #4. After you finish this hole, take a compass reading of 220 from the basket. Walk in this direction until you reach a tree in the fairway. From here take a new compass reading of 170 and follow the dirt path into the woods for 30 paces. You should end right on a wide path going perpendicular to the direction that you were going. On the uphill side of that path, or the side that you came from, there is a large tree with one small tree growing right next to it. In between these two trees, you will find what you seek covered with a piece of bark and some sticks.

The Beast
Continue on the disc golf course until you reach hole #12. Before you start to play however, look at the sign next to the tee. A path leads into the woods behind the sign. Take 5 paces down this trail, then stop and look to your right at the dead tree with lots of bark lying around the base. You will find the letterbox on the close side of the tree, under a pile of bark.

The Shark
Play the course through until hole #15. When you have finished this hole, walk back up the hill 50 paces.To your right, you will see two paths leading off into the woods. Walk along the uppermost of these two paths for 10 paces, and you will be standing next to a pile of rocks, which hides the letterbox.

Please be careful when replacing these boxes to cover them completely, because many discs stray into the woods. People searching for their discs could easily throw these boxes away at one of the many trash cans around the course. Also, beware of poison ivy, which is in the area of at least two of the boxes.