Eggopolis - Egg Fu  LbNA # 52989

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateApr 11 2010
Location?????, WI
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found Apr 9 2014
Hike Distance?

Clues updated: 22-AUG-11

Time: 30 minutes
Terrain: Easy

Eggopolis is only the latest of wonderful locations that have arisen in the LbNa universe. But like all good things, great hazards must be risked. The devious, cunning and utterly deadly Egg Fu is on the trail! In order to reach Eggopolis one must pass by his lair and he is very dangerous and very large. Just ask Wonder Woman (and us).

We first learned of his exploits in reading old histories of the Cold War in the Pacific. He was a hyper-intelligent computer created by the Chinese Communists n the early ‘60’s and was as big as a large house. He nearly wiped out the entire US Sixth fleet, had he not been defeated by Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. We can only conclude that he has been re-incubated by nefarious criminals and has decided that there was no better place to begin his new reign of terror than Eggopolis.

Once we found the initial launch point for Eggopolis
( ), we started at the beginning and trod carefully along, being alert for signs of the massive brain’s lair. We had heard reports of him being seen about an old bench. We safely passed a first bench near a bridge, but continued to tramp along, senses tingling, until we saw another bench and heard a sinister “HEEE-HO!”. Heads swiveling, we heard the mocking laugh again ahead of us. We crept forward for about 12 steps, and then we heard it again on the left. AHHHHH... A flat egg-white rock marks his hiding spot in the rock pile!