Finding Nemo (Virginia)  LbNA # 52996

OwnerGradys Glorify God    
Placed DateMar 20 2010
LocationManassas, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Dec 4 2012
Hike Distance?

This letterbox series was planted for Pack 1372's Mystery Hike on 1/20/10.

We did not plant ink or a pen with this box. I would suggest colors that match the Finding Nemo characters.

This hike starts off Old Yates Ford road just across the Bull Run River from Prince William County. You need to park in the parking lot on the south side of the road.

Park on the west side of the lot and head toward the trail head on the west side as well. This hike is about 1 1/2 miles.

Box 1: Head past the old building to the trail sign. You will see a less traveled path to the right. Walk 20 steps up this path and take a bearing of 250 degrees. At the bottom of the fallen tree your quest begins.

Box 2: Continue down the trail and head south along the river when you come a T intersection. At the 2nd blue marker from the intersection stop and look due North. Up to the right of the tallest tree you fill find a very lost Dory swimming under a log.

Box 3: Continue down the trail keeping track of the blue markers. At the 4th blue marker again look due north. You will find trees on a 40 degree line. Between the last two trees you will find Bruce thinking about what a tasty morsel Nemo would make.

The next box is quite a bit down the trail, so continue walking and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will walk past a small wet/stream area (when it has rained or the water is high). Follow the trail up a hill and it will curve to the left and follow the inlet. Continue down the hill and you will come to a stream. There are rocks here for you to cross the stream on.

Box 4: After you cross the stream walk straight ahead up the hill to the 2nd blue marker. Just past this marker is a fallen tree across the trail with a section cut out. Walk to the left and follow that tree to the end. Standing at the end of this tree look at 105 degrees. You will see another older rotting out fallen tree about 12 steps away. There you will find Squirt cruising the Australian Current.

Box 5: Continue up the trail to the top of a hill with a tree that has a very large branch that jets out to the left and goes up like a snake. Look to your left and you will see what is left of a tree that is about 10 feet high. From that half tree walk 40 steps at 350 degrees to a HUGE fallen tree. On the other side of this tree about half way up you will find Nigel looking flying around.

You only have one box left to find. Turn around and head back on the path you came on. Walk all the way back to the stream you crossed, but don't cross where you did before. Just to the right there is another trail that crosses the stream and heads East. Just after you cross the stream you will see a red horseshoe on a small tree.

Box 6: Follow this trail to the 3rd red horseshoe. Turn left and walk on the right side up the 'octopus tree'. Nemo is waiting to be found up at the top where two fallen trees come together.

If you follow the trail taking a left at the small bring building you will come back to the parking lot.

We hope you enjoyed finding these as much as our Cub Scouts did. We would love to hear from you if you find our box, or if you can't find it. Please take the time to log your find as well.