Anna the Star at Scenic Vista Park  LbNA # 53008

Placed DateApr 10 2010
LocationLisbon, OH
Found By TigerLuv
Last Found Oct 20 2012
Hike Distance?

Begin this letterboxing venture at the square of Lisbon. Go west on Lincoln Way (Rt 30)
1.1 miles. You will need to turn left on Wayne Bridge Road. (We couldn’t find a sign stating the name of this road but there are a couple signs directing you to Scenic Vista Park) Immediately after turning off of St Rt 30 onto this road you will see a house and farm animals on the corner lot on your right hand side. The Park is three miles out Wayne Bridge road. Turn right into the Scenic Vista Park entrance, driving into the park stopping at the covered bridge. Directly across from the covered bridge, there is a trail head marked with a blue bird house on a pole. Travel down this trail until you come to the pavilion. To the right of this pavilion is small wood bench which you want to sit on, facing uphill. At this point, looking to ten o’clock you will see a group of five trees, 34 paces away. At the base of these five trees, there is a large piece of old building foundation. The letterbox is in the foundation. After stamping your record pad and Anna the Star’s letterboxing notepad, please hide the box for the next person. Thanks!