M P Series  LbNA # 5301

Placed DateAug 17 2003
LocationPortland, OR
Planted ByMudstumpers    
Found By heyokah man
Last Found Feb 9 2008
Hike Distance?


Last checked: ok as of June, 2008, even with park renovations.

SW 18 Place
Portland, OR 97219

Marshall Park is primarily a natural area developed with hiking trails located in the middle of a 400-foot-wide canyon. The canyon is a natural drainage basin formed by the west slope of the Palatine Hills, the hills northwest of Mt. Sylvania, and by Tryon Creek that runs through it. Within Marshall Park there is a waterfall framed by rock boulders. One of the notable features of the trail system is a small stone bridge which spans Tryon Creek. The playground within the park sits on what was once the foundation of the Marshall's summer home. The Marshall's donated the land in the 1950's.

The park has 2 picnic tables, a slide and swings, with an open area for frisbee or whatnot. There are great spots along the creek for cooling the toes and refreshing the dog and/or kids. This is a fairly quite area. The trails are full of switchbacks and bridges but this is an easy mile loop.

Those hardy souls with a good sense of direction and a map can hike a couple of miles to Tryon Creek State Park from here. There is a trail along and through the creek, crossing a couple of roads, and through some boggy areas. The trail is not maintained. There are some challenges along the way which make this a difficult hike with small children and older dogs but otherwise fun to test your skills.

If you have not gotten the Tryon Creek Letterboxes yet, this is a nice combination and the PCC Sylvania boxes are just a bit further up Barbur, follow the signs to PCC.

DIRECTIONS: You may want to use MAPQUEST. My directions may not get you there by the most direct route.

From Portland take I-5 South toward Salem. You can go West on SW BARBUR BLVD toward SW TERWILLIGER BLVD (the way to Tryon Creek State Park), but continue on Barbur a bit further. Take SW TAYLORS FERRY RD, it winds around a bit. Turn Right onto SW TAYLORS FERRY CT. Turn RIGHT onto SW 12TH DR and follow it to the end. Parking is along the roadway above the playground. If you choose to park on SW 18 Place, you will need to head down to the playground to begin your quest.


#1. The Squirrel. (replaced Playground) Head down from the turnaround with the sign for the park. Do not cross any bridges. Facing 2 together in an embrace with a voyeur*, there is a tree to the left, go behind, what you seek is underneath and hidden by rocks. Please be sure to reseal and hide this one really well with the rocks.
*description enhanced by Wild Woman

#2. Stone Bridge. Going past the playground, cross the stone bridge and start up the trail take the immediate right, continue uphill to the next turn, there are 2 trees on the right. Check in the roots of the single tree which is uphill of the double tree.

Note: If you head to the left, you will be on the trail that could potentially lead you to Tryon Creek State Park.

#3. Switchbacks. Wind up the trail, at the top, staying on the main trail to the right, you will see the fence along the cliff. This film container, microbox is hidden in the fencepost on the righthand side. Be sure to hide this one carefully.

#4. Making Traks Timber Wolf lives here now and will help get you to #5. Continue along the fence, and down the switchbacks, cross over the creek on the wooden bridge. (This bridge is temporarily closed back track around to the other side of the closure) Continue on the main trail staying on the right around the bend and uphill through some impressive trees. You will wind back down to the creek again and cross another wooden bridge. There is a fork in the trail and between the trails find the cedar twins. Nestled inside is #4. This is a perfect hiding place for a letterbox, look deep within. Don't get to pushy rehiding this one, it may end up in China.

#5. Dragonfly and shroom. Take the high route, no cheating. When the trail decends and you are able to see the pavement, at a wide bend in the trail, there is a double desiduous, the box is hidden within. From here you are at 140 degrees to the pavement. Continue down the trail back to the begining.

Enjoy a touch of the Gorge in the City.