Pirate of the Ravine  LbNA # 53010

Placed DateOct 10 2009
LocationCottage Grove, MN
Found By JkZamora
Last Found Apr 1 2012
Hike Distance?

Pirate of the Ravine

This box was planted and clue written by Red Cat for the Harvest and Haunts Letterbox Event that took place 10/10/2009 - Thanks Red Cat!

There is a $5/car fee to enter the park unless you have a Washington County Park sticker. This box will be unavailable when there is snow.

The great (but little known) Sven the Merciless and his crew somehow found themselves near a small creek in a ravine in Minnesota. They figured it would be a perfect spot to hide their treasure (after all, who would expect to find pirate gold in Minnesota?). The location of the treasure is unknown, but rumor has it that there's a ghost near a sign that shows the way to 3 and A from 2. Sit on the bench at this “T” intersection and if you sit very still, you might be able to hear this uneasy spirit of one of the pirates.


What was that?! Look over your left shoulder and up the hill. I think the noise came from that broken stump covered in moss! After taking about 13 steps from the edge of the bench, there's a small trail that heads to the stump. If you look around the back of the stump, you might find evidence of a ghost under bark and leaves.

This box was planted for the Harvest and Haunts event on 10/10/09.