Let's Ride Trempealeau  LbNA # 53019

Placed DateApr 13 2010
LocationTrempealeau, WI
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Oct 10 2013
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Let’s Ride Trempealeau

This series consists of a walk just over a mile round trip on a flat and friendly bike trail.

Trempealeau WI is known to be extremely bike friendly. The Great River Bike Trail intersects town. The town is along a beautiful stretch of the Mississippi River and the state park in town is a gorgeous ride. The town is also along the popular Highway 35 scenic drive for motorcycles (motorcycles are not featured in this series). The Walkingstick crew often says “Let’s Ride” to each other when we see all of the motorcycles and bicycles in town during the summer. This series also is a tribute to our aging, loyal dog Obi who is a veteran of many letterboxes.

Take Highway 35 to the east end of Trempealeau. Here there is a parking lot where you can get onto the Great River Bike Trail. There is a $4 fee to actually bike the Trail but you can walk it for free.

Park in the lot and walk east onto the bike trail. Take 40 steps once you hit the gravel path and look left. 17 steps off the trail there is a tree with six sisters where you can find ‘Let’s Ride’. Stamp up – enjoy – please rehide well.

Continue down the trail. You will pass the ½ mile walker jogger mark and see a bridge just in front of you. Cross the bridge. Continue on until you see the “Bridge Crossing” sign on the left hand side of the trail. This sign is actually facing the other way (since you already crossed the bridge). Standing at the sign, take a reading of 230 degrees on your compass. Here you will spy an evergreen tree. You will find ‘Obi’ napping behind the tree and under a rock. Stamp up – enjoy – please put the rock back on top of the box.

Turn around and head back out to your car.