Old Church Hymns (2)  LbNA # 53022

Placed DateSep 27 2009
LocationUrbana, OH
Found By Flowerchild14
Last Found Aug 29 2014
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Old Church Hymns (2)

This is our first attempt at carving and planting and we wanted to make it special, so we chose someplace close to our hearts. The church of our childhood and teenage years. Kings Creek Baptist Church is the oldest church in Champaign County, Ohio. It is the third oldest church in the state of Ohio and what was the Northwest territory. The church was founded on June 29, 1805 in the log home of James and Ann Turner. The cemetery is one of the oldest in Champaign county and Ann Turner was the first one buried there.

To begin your search for two of the old church hymns that have been sung in this church for decades, you can park in the small lot to your right as you enter the cemetery on the north side of the church. Find the flag pole at the first interesection in the cemetery. Look to the south for "North" and to the north for "South". Look again to the west for another "North". Take nine steps to Moore and look on the right. You can begin to sing "CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD.

Continue your search for "The Old Rugged Cross" and go down the road and turn left at the next crossroads. Follow the road around and turn to your left. You will pass Merlin, the father of Chris and Karen. The picture of Merlin's Farm will be something that you will want to stop and see. If you came to the church by way of Rt. 296, you passed this beautiful place as you came to the church. Continue down the road, and just before you turn to your left again, go straight ahead to Parker. Take 20 paces 130 Degrees to Ann Madden. You can begin to sing "THE OLD RUGGED CROSS".

I have only put a log book in the 2nd box. Please reseal the baggies completly when done stamping and rehide as found. Take the time to look around this beautiful old church building. There is a historical marker at the front of the church.