Wauls Legion  LbNA # 53028

Placed DateApr 13 2010
LocationWaul's Legion Road, SW of Hwy 36, Brenham, TX
Found By NativTxn
Last Found Mar 14 2013
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Waul's Legion Letterbox

In the spring of 1862 Thomas Waul (1813-1903) recruited men from Washington and surrounding counties to form a legion of about 2,000 men for service in the Confederate army. They encamped on this site from May 13, 1862 until August 1862. Soldiers from that legion participated in the defense of Vicksburg.


A mile or so west of Gay Hill (Gay Hill is on 390 between Burton and Hwy 36), turn south on County Road 52 (Glenblythe Road). Drive south for about a mile, turn west on Waul's Legion Road and ease along until a sign points to the spot.

From Brenham take Hwy 36 north until you reach Waul's Legion Road (CR 51).
Look for the "Waul's Texas Legion Campsite" marker on the north side of the road.

Face the marker. See the tree 20 yards (approx) to your left. It's there at the base of the tree. Thanks to the new homeowners that replaced it there after clearing a lot of brush and putting in a driveway.