Yangban  LbNA # 53032 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTricky Troy    
Placed DateJan 31 2010
LocationRichfield, MN
Found By twofreetimers
Last Found Oct 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Update- August 2011- This stamp is missing, I will re-carve and re-plant this summer.

Park in the lot closest to the playground.
(FYI, Yangban the aristocrat is a character in South Korean Theater, and because of soldiers from the United States coming to their assistance against North Korea in the early 50's, Koreans are able to continue their love of theater without Communist intervention.)
Make your way to an orange tube slide that exits to the East, go ahead and slide on down if you want, then continue about 50 steps to a T.
Enjoy a nice walk South to another T, and take a seat on a bench dedicated to the Zopf's.
Wait until the coast is clear, then March about 15 steps to the West to a tree with 4 tall soldiers, reach in at about chest high for the prize.(Winter Friendly!)
Make sure to walk the paths in the area, stopping long enough to read the various dedications mounted on the benches.