Hometown Heroes Series  LbNA # 53068

OwnerThree Rivers    
Placed DateApr 18 2010
LocationBrentwood Borough, PA
Found By Three Rivers
Last Found Jul 19 2012
Hike Distance?

This series is a tribute to the GREATEST NHL TEAM EVER, and was placed during a trip from Minnesota to Pennsylvania to see series 1, game 2 of the Penguins/Senators playoff round. It is also placed at the park adjacent to my alma mater, Brentwood High School -- a location that is filled with memories for me. There is an outstanding first finder prize at the last box -- particularly for anyone with a small child. Take care to be discreet while searching and rehiding, as most of these boxes are high traffic areas frequented by young athletes, and those Muggles can surely run faster than you!! :) Happy hunting!

Your starting point is Brentwood Park, located at the corner of Brownsville Road and Park Blvd/Kaiser Plaza. Enter the park, driving between the Fire Station on your left and the Brentwood Library on your right. Drive to the very end of the parking lot and park near the circle and/or the salt shed.

Walk down the path between the old (on your left) and new (on your right) playgrounds towards the tennis courts. At the path that runs parallel to the length of the tennis courts, turn left. Stop and reflect on the greatness of the Penguins organization. Go Pens! Now walk towards the garbage can, utility box and telephone pole. At the pole, enter the woods behind the tennis court. Walk 20 steps on narrow dirt path parallel to the courts until you get to a metal pole on your left. Just to the left of the pole, you will see a hollowed out tree. Hometown Heroes #1 is located in the hollow of that tree under some sticks and tree duff. Stamp in, rehide, and move on...

Retrace your steps back to the main park path that runs parallel to the width of the tennis courts and continue up the hill. Just past the basketball courts, you will see a grey brick concession stand. Walk to the stand and turn to your right. Walk down the hill to a stand of 3 large trees. Stop and reflect on Mario Lemieux's first goal where he scored on his first shot, in his first shift of his first NHL game. Wow, whatta guy. Anyway. Now locate the lonely tree that is near the fence and proceed forward. Hometown Heroes #2 is located at the base of this tree, between the trunk and the fence, under a big rock. Stamp in, rehide and move on...

Continue walking in the same direction you were going down the grassy hill past 2 telephone poles to the dead end street/entrance to the athletic fields. Enter athletic fields and walk to the 1st set of silver bleachers. Have a seat and think of the quadruple overtime game against the Capitals, where Petr Nedved finally scored to end a 5 hour marathon of a game. Whew! Now cross the baseball field and walk towards the second baseball field directly in front of you. Turn right and walk towards the football bleachers. Hometown Heroes #3 is located under a concrete block underneath the bleachers in a spot that is close to the bleacher stairs. Stamp in, rehide and move on...

Walk up the bleachers and exit the football stadium. Turn right and walk past Mel's bench, towards the swimming pool. Turn left and go up the path, with the pool now on your right hand side. Go up the stairs towards the parking lot. At the tree stump, turn right and follow the path to second set of stairs leading to parking lot. At the parking lot sidewalk, turn right and walk towards end of lot. When you see the One Way sign, stop and reflect on the 2009 Stanley Cup win, led by superstars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Ah, good times. Look up the lot towards the salt shed and you will see a sign for "Free Wood Chips." Proceed to sign and turn left. Walk 20 steps to hollowed tree stump on your right. Stop and commend yourself for an excellent hunt, for you are almost to your final destination. Proceed 5 steps forward to the fence and turn right. Go down the hill to the inside corner of the fence. You will find Hometown Heroes #4 under a log in the corner.

Remember to rehide boxes well so that they aren't detectable to passersby and to be discreet as many of these spots are high traffic areas.