Greenie  LbNA # 53075

Placed DateApr 18 2010
LocationEgg Harbor Township, NJ
Found By The Milk Man
Last Found Feb 23 2014
Hike Distance?


Placed by: Crab & Crew
Placement date: April 18, 2010
State: New Jersey
County: Atlantic
Nearest City: Egg Harbor Township
Number of boxes: 1

The use of a compass is recommended to locate this letterbox. The stamp inside is not homemade, but believe that it will be appreciated by all. **I did get permission from the land owner to plant this box.

Start at the large white sign for the campus of a church with a name representing a living plant at the intersection of two roads. One road named for a Mountain in Israel where a fortress stood, one for the place where minds could grow.

Walk due west until you come to a large juniper tree.

Turn and walk 170 degrees south to what could be a beaver’s trash pile. Climb the pile to reveal a very small meadow. Listen for some birds calling.

Locate the six foot tall pine tree in the center of the open area, standing alone. Is it an outcast?

Take a 260 degree bearing west till blocked by two 5” diameter deciduous trees standing apart. Was there an argument?

Head south and walk 10 adult steps to a medium pine tree with two small cedars below.

Turn west for another 10 adult steps.

Stop and look around you. Smell the pine scent. Look to the North and locate the tree with the large diameter trunk, the only one of its size in the area. Grandpa?

At the base is a hollowed out half log. Under here you will find the letterbox.